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New Project Announced

More accurately, our first project is announced! We're still early in the production of our brand new DnD show, but we hope you'll join us in the lead up to the initial release. Check out our Twitch and YouTube channels especially to follow along or even watch us work live.

The Story So Far:

Our adventure begins in The Far Continent and follows four individuals from differing clans. Each clan varies in its size, reputation, and specialties. Which brings us to the introduction of our first clan and the player hailing from them.

The Onai Family hailing from The Village of the Ancient Forest

In Ancient times, the druids of The Ancient Forest had discovered and brought life into the forest. These ancient people lived alongside the forest, vowing to protect it. Over the many generations to come, the clan has grown and developed. That development has resulted in the village becoming a large exporter of high quality crops. Traders and visitors are more than welcome in the forest as long as they do no harm.

The Village houses many long lined families. The Onai Family is well known for their work as guards within the village. Previously they had been in charge of hunting, but trade with other clans has made this job obsolete. At the age of 5 they are taught the ways of combat and working with nature and at age 11 are granted a companion to join them as a member of the guard and as a life-long companion.

Introducing Allen Onai

A member of the Onai family, he has been training in the ways of the druids for as long as he could remember. He is now a member of The Village's police force along with his wolf companion, Paṭika.

Together, they yearn for adventure. The call of the hunt that his family has ignored for generations was strong within him. He dreams to be a hunter like the wolves of the past that he has heard stories of. More than anything, he wants to be famous. To be known for his prowess and skills of nature. To be a legendary hunter and have stories told of his adventures.

His family means the world to him. He is closest with his uncle Nilā, for whom he has great respect. Nilā is the Commander of the Guard, the previously mentioned police force.